How Seniors Can Prep for Hurricane Season During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The Atlantic hurricane season began on June 1 and continues through November 30. This year’s hurricane season is expected to be particularly active, and there’s the added challenge of continuing to manage the new coronavirus pandemic. So, just how can you help the seniors in your life be better prepared? Here are a few tips, some of which are specific to this year’s hurricane/pandemic combo threat, and some of which are good for any hurricane season:

  • Have two weeks of prescription medication and medical supplies ready. Ask your loved one’s pharmacist, doctor’s office, or insurance company about accessing and storing the extra medication as part of your hurricane prep plan. Make sure to include other essential over-the-counter drugs, sunscreen, and hand sanitizer. This year, you should also make sure to have disinfecting wipes and two cloth masks per person. Keep the medication kit with all of these supplies in a handy place for easy evacuation.
  • Keep a list of all currently used medications, dosages, and prescribing doctors in your medical kit described above. Provide someone else with a copy of the list as well.
  • If your senior loved one lives in an assisted living facility, find out in advance what their evacuation policy is. Make a plan for what will happen if evacuation is required. The need for evacuation likely will depend on the flood risk for that location. Evacuation plans may change this year due to COVID-19. Find out what, if any, changes are planned.
  • Identify a handful of people who can provide help if needed to your senior loved one. The people you identify should be familiar with disaster plans, local shelters, and emergency supplies. Keep the contact information for these helpers in a handy place that your senior loved one can easily find (this is especially important if the senior you care for lives independently).
  • If your loved one cannot manage independently during a hurricane/hurricane evacuation, make a plan for where he or she will go. This is important because electricity and phone service may be down. Have a plan in place for who will help your loved one leave the home safely and what mobility equipment may be needed.
  • Think about the pets. Our canine and feline friends are an ever-growing part of your homes and hearts. If your senior loved one has pets, have a plan in place for what will happen with Fido or Fluffy during a hurricane. For instance, if a bad storm is coming that doesn’t require evacuation, then make sure your senior loved one has extra pet food and supplies on hand. If evacuation is needed, help identify shelters, hotels, etc., that are pet-friendly.
  • Remember to socially distance. If a hurricane comes and you, the seniors in your life, and neighbors must help each other, remember to keep a distance of at least six feet.
  • Have your hurricane prep kit ready. Here’s an example list found on the website, along with a list that’s specific for seniors. Also, the Red Cross has a 32-page guide for hurricane prep that’s designed for and by seniors.

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