10 Ways to Get Your Home Ready After Joint Replacement Surgery

As we get older, the life left in our joints—including hips and knees—may run out. When someone reaches that point where those joints just don’t work anymore, they may need a joint replacement surgery. There are more than 400,000 total hip replacement surgeries done each year in the U.S., according to the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons. An additional 700,000 knee replacement surgeries are performed annually.

After joint replacement surgery, there’s a recovery time at home for a few weeks to a couple of months where you’ll want to have the home set up for comfort and ease. If you have an older loved one with an upcoming joint replacement surgery, here are a few tips to get their home ready in advance:

1. Have a walker or crutches on hand before surgery, so there’s not a last-minute rush to obtain them.

2. Move any items that could cause someone to fall, such as cords on the ground or throw rugs.

3. Make sure that all commonly used rooms of the house, such as bedrooms and bathrooms, have enough light. Add night lights as needed.

4. Plan an area where the person who has had surgery can easily reach items like their phone or a glass of water.

5. Search online for devices that make life right after surgery easier. For instance, items like this Hip Kit, found on Amazon, include a device to grab items from afar, a large shoehorn, an item to make dressing easier, and a 22-inch bath sponge to bathe independently. 

6. Get a raised toilet seat so there’s less bending to do while sitting down or getting up.

7. If you live in a two- or more story home, plan to set up the person having surgery on the first floor to avoid the stairs. Think about the best place for sleeping and daily living that all can be done on the first floor.

8. Decide if you need grab bars in the shower, toilet, or in both areas.

9. If you have furniture that is lower to the ground, consider investing in furniture risers. Or, choose a chair or other sitting area that is higher up for your loved one to use. There also are chairs you can buy online designed for surgery recovery.

10. Ask your health providers for other ways to prepare your home in advance. Occupational therapists specialize in making day-to-day activities easier for different health needs, including for after joint replacement surgery.

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