5 Tricks and Tips to Help Make Money Management Easier for Seniors

As we get older, managing our finances may get a little trickier. You may have more time to pay your bills and balance your checking account than you did when you worked full-time. However, vision changes and the occasional “senior moment” may get in the way of efficient money management. Your money demands also change over time, and that’s an important consideration for your money management. Here are some tips and tricks to help you better manage your finances.


  1. Stay current with your health checkups. 

    Before we dig into money advice, let’s talk about overall health. The more you can maintain your overall health, the better job you’ll do with money management. You’ll have a stronger body and mind, and that can only help you manage your dollars and cents effectively. Keep those regular check up appointments so any potential problems are caught and treated early.


  1. Seek out low vision devices or apps. 

    If you’re having trouble with your vision due to eye disease or cataracts, there’s plenty of help available. Check with your local low vision offices (such as Lighthouse of Manasota) to discover what options can help you see better. There are also apps for smartphones that help those with low vision with their money. For example, the free EyeNoteApp, developed by the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, can identify $1 to $100 bills if you have trouble distinguishing them.


  1. Cut back on helping out.

    It’s easy to lose track of your money if you’re giving a little bit here and there—but that can add up. If you’re on a fixed income, set a period of several months where you’ll “just say no” to giving away your money just because someone asks you for a donation. Use that time to see how much money you save by not contributing—and then re-evaluate what charitable group/groups are truly deserving of your hard-earned funds.


  1. Take a money management class.

    Perhaps you had another loved one manage your finances for most of your life, and now you have to take on that role. Or, maybe you’re feeling a little unsure about what money management entails as you reach age 65 or older. You’re not alone. That’s why numerous organizations, such as the FDIC and the National Council on Aging have classes designed to help seniors with money management. Askyour local senior center or adult education if they offer such classes.


  1. Seek help if you can’t handle your finances alone.

    It can be tough to admit that you’re having trouble managing your money, but think about the consequences of staying silent. You could fall prey to scams, identify theft, or a bank account that gets drained of its money. When you find you have trouble paying bills on time, or you unintentionally pay bills multiple times—or if you see a loved one making these errors—consider giving Secure Aging a call. Secure Aging handles money management for seniors. We’ll give you and your family financial peace of mind.


Call Secure Aging to Find Out How We Can Help Seniors With Financial Management

At Secure Aging in Bradenton, wetransform the weight of the world into a sigh of relief for our senior clients and their concerned family members. The mission of Secure Aging is to protect and preserve our client’s independence and dignity through careful and thoughtful financial and care management. As our clients age, it is their desire to remain independent and age with dignity. Our services protect our clients from talented con artists looking to exploit and deplete the financial resources of our vulnerable seniors. Secure Aging helps families in Manatee County and Sarasota County and in and around the communities of Anna Maria, Bradenton, Bradenton Beach, Ellenton, Holmes Beach, Lakewood Ranch, Longboat Key, Myakka City, Palmetto, Parrish, and Sarasota. Call us at 941-761-9338, or visit us online at www.secureaging.com.



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