6 Tips to Prepare Your Older Relative for the New Year

Take a minute to think about what you do to get ready for the new year. Make new year’s resolutions? Get some house organizing done? Make special plans to see relatives or friends you don’t get to see often? Set that dentist appointment you’ve been procrastinating?


Well, all of those kinds of tasks also are important for your older love ones who may not be able to handle these tasks on their own anymore. To help get your elderly loved ones get ready for a healthy, happy 2019, here’s a handy list:

  • SET ANY PENDING DOCTORS' APPOINTMENTS. Some people like to schedule annual check ups when the new year rolls around. You can help your loved one do the same if they are overdue to see their primary doctor, dentist, OB/GYN, dermatologist, etc.


  • GATHER ANY TAX-RELATED PAPERWORK. Be ready to tackle taxes, or ask a trusted professional like Secure Aging to help.


  • MINIMIZE AND ORGANIZE. Take a look around your love one’s home. Is there any clutter that’s accumulated over the previous year? If you’re ready for a full-on clean out, by all means—go for it. If there isn’t the time for that, you can at least start some with some basic minimizing and organizing. Throw away mail and other papers that are no longer needed; get rid of items from the floor that could pose a risk for falls.


  • RE-EVALUATE ANY TASKS THAT ARE BECOMING TOO DIFFICULT. For instance, perhaps it’s getting harder for your older loved one to go grocery shopping due to mobility or vision issues. Ring in the new with a plan to tackle this, perhaps with online grocery delivery, Meals on Wheels service, or even a regular plan for family members to bring over nutritious meals.


  • REVIEW AND UPDATE MEDICATION LISTS. If you’ve gone to the doctor recently, then you likely know the one question they all will ask: What medications are you currently taking? The best approach is to bring the actual medication bottles with you. If that’s not possible for your older loved one, then have a list ready of their medications by name, dosage, prescribing doctor, and why they are taking it. If you’re ahead of the game and already have this kind of list made, then use the time around the new year to make sure the list is still current.


  • GETTING OUT AND ABOUT. Use the ushering in of the new year to give some thought to your loved one’s emotional needs. Are they socializing often enough? Should you help schedule some time in the new year for them to meet others? Take part in special events? Encourage more visits from friends and family? Your love one’s emotional needs are an important part of their overall health.


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