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6 Tips to Help a Loved One Get Adjusted to Assisted Living

Moving is hard on anyone, right? Imagine that you are older and experiencing memory loss. You’ve been in a comfortable place, be it at a senior independent living facility or in your home, and then you are moved to assisted living. That would be a major change for even the most resilient among us. If…
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Make Bill Paying Easier for Seniors With These Tips

Quick show of hands (well, virtually)—how many of you like to do the regular task of paying your bills? Anyone? Anyone?  Many people find the task of paying bills arduous and time-consuming. Now, imagine that you are a senior, perhaps struggling with vision or memory issues. Picture how much harder bill paying is for someone…
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Dolls Help Seniors Cope With Memory Loss

It can be heartbreaking to witness a senior loved one lose their memory to dementia or Alzheimer’s disease. Although they may be losing their life memories, they don’t lose their ability to care for others. That’s what makes the nonprofit group Pearl’s Memory Babies so memorable. The idea started when Shepherdsville, Kentucky resident Sandy Cambron’s…
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7 Ways to Reduce a Senior’s Risk for Falls Around the Home

September 23rd is Falls Prevention Awareness Day, and September is Falls Awareness Month. People over age 65 are at a greater risk for falls, and falls are the largest cause of fatal and nonfatal injuries for seniors, according to the National Council on Aging. The total cost of falls injuries in 2015 was $50 billion,…
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