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Seniors: It’s Time for Your Flu Shot and COVID Booster

October rolls around, and that means it’s time for football, Fall, Halloween, and….vaccines? Yes, indeed—the older adults in your life (and you, as their caregiver/loved one) need to get ready to roll up their sleeves and get the latest flu shots and COVID boosters for better protection as we go into the winter. Here are…
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5 Tips to Help Seniors Manage Inflation, High Costs

It’s hard for just about everyone to cope with skyrocketing inflation and high costs for everything right now. For older adults living on a fixed income, these price increases can take even more of a hit on their pocketbooks. How can you help the older adult in your life better manage their money to cope…
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5 Tips for Choosing a Senior Living Facility in Bradenton

If you have an older loved one who needs to move to a Bradenton senior living facility, then you know how overwhelming the search process can be. There are many considerations to help find the right senior living facility. To help get you started, here are a few tips to choose a Bradenton senior living…
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The Benefits of Getting Out in Nature for Older Adults

Spending time in nature has a whole host of benefits for all of us, from younger to older ages. From breathing fresh air to reconnecting with plants and animals, it’s the perfect antidote for life’s stresses. Yet did you know that nature holds some specific benefits for older adults? Here are some of the ways…
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5 Things to Consider to Help Your Senior Loved One Age in Place

If you have a senior loved one in your life who’d like to age in place—in other words, remain in their home as they get older—you’re not alone. There’s a comfort to staying in one’s home, and it’s no secret that the cost of assisted living and independent living facilities is expensive. The best approach…
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Signs of Dementia Versus Mental Health Changes

With a greater awareness nowadays of mental health, it’s interesting to know that the symptoms of dementia can mirror the signs of mental health changes. Because of this, it may be hard sometimes to know if your senior loved one is actually experiencing dementia/Alzheimer’s disease or has a mental health problem that needs to be…
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