Cold Weather Tips

Although Florida winter is much different than winter everywhere else, Floridians still get cold. Sometimes it’s challenging to maintain healthy habits like eating fruits and vegetables during the winter months. Here are a few things to keep in mind this winter season to help yourself and your aging loved ones.

Keep warm

Even though many of us live in Florida, it’s important to ensure that everyone in your family has a jacket or something to keep them warm when the weather does turn cold. Other helpful clothing items are slippers, robes, and blankets. Slippers are especially helpful for those who have tile floors, but be sure to get ones with grippy soles to avoid slipping. You can even buy super comfy fuzzy socks with grips on the bottom too.

Keep healthy

When the weather’s warmer, this is easier to remember, but be sure to drink plenty of water even in cooler months.  Water will regulate your body temperature and keep you warm. 

Eat fruits and veggies. When it’s cold outside, it’s tempting to eat warm soup and hearty casseroles. Remember to incorporate nutritious greens into your diet, too!  Your body needs these vitamins and minerals.

Some plants that are in season right now are: strawberries, oranges, avocado, bell pepper, lettuce, tomato and sweet corn. Get a full list of Florida crops and their seasons here

Even though the sun isn’t always shining right now, you should still put sunscreen on when you go outside. You are more likely to get a sunburn during the winter months because you can’t always feel the sun beating down on you.  Dry weather will also dry out your skin so be sure to have some lotion handy to keep your skin happy and healthy during this cold spell.

Keep happy

When it’s cold outside, many senior citizens don’t leave their houses and they tend to get very lonely. So if you have an aging loved one in your life, try to make time to visit them this winter season.  Maybe bring some nice hot tea or hot chocolate and talk to them. Reminisce about fond memories and keep them up to date on your life. Here are a few tips for talking with elderly people.  

Secure Aging wants you and your family to stay safe and warm this winter season. Be sure to eat plenty of nutritious fruits and vegetables, and take time to visit the seniors in your life. We can help make life easier by tracking monthly income and expenses, as well as fully advocating for our clients’ well-being and safety. We are here to help make your life easier and keep your loved ones safe.

Reba Rogers, CPA, is the founder of Secure Aging, a group of care managers who preserve the independence and protect the assets of seniors by helping them with financial management. She is also a Director Consultant for BNI (Business Network International), a referral marketing organization which gives her access to many trusted business professionals in the community.

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