Here’s How Random Acts of Kindness Can Help the Senior in Your Life

If you’ve ever heard the phrase “practice random acts of kindness,” then maybe you’ve taken the initiative to follow this advice. By doing kind, unexpected acts for others, you may inspire others to go on and do kind things for someone else. Plus, there’s an emotional boost when you do something nice for someone else.

February 17 is National Random Acts of Kindness Day. If you are a caregiver, then there are many ways you can perform a random act of kindness for the older adult in your life. You can do your act of kindness on February 17 or, really, any day of the year. Here are a few ideas to make their life a little more joyful:

14 Random Acts of Kindness Ideas for Your Senior Loved One

  1. Offer to help with their beloved pet. Can you take the dog for a walk? How about spending some time playing with or cuddling with their feline friend? Your human loved one, and their beloved pet will appreciate it! 
  2. Take their car to the car wash, so you get it back to them nice and shiny. 
  3. Bring over some flowers or a plant. 
  4. Find another chore that needs to be done but never seems to get done. This could be helping with their lawn, organizing the kitchen, or other tasks. Do the work for them. 
  5. Pick up their groceries or a prescription. This is especially great if they have mobility issues, so you’re saving them a trip. 
  6. Buy a special drink, like coffee, tea, or lemonade. 
  7. Send a postcard just to say hi. 
  8. Offer to participate in a fun board game session or play cards with them. 
  9. Bring a child or a favorite pet around to spend time with them. This is especially great if they don’t have grandchildren nearby or of their own to enjoy. 
  10. Take them for a walk somewhere nearby that they may not usually get to enjoy. Make sure that it’s somewhere suitable for any of their physical limitations. 
  11. Take them to watch a Florida sunset. 
  12. Cook dinner and bring it to them. 
  13. Bring them a favorite dessert. 
  14. Help them set up an item of technology that may be hard for them to set up on their own.

With these suggestions, you’ll help your senior loved one feel special and loved. You can also use many of these suggestions with other people in your life.

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