Our Services

Secure Aging offers three packages designed to meet your current needs. Initial consultations are free. The average price is based on $75 per hour. We will provide a cost estimate after meeting with you and determining the level of service required and the number of hours needed each month.

Our basic service is for the senior who simply needs a little assistance to:

 Review bills for accuracy and pay them on time
 Deposit income into bank accounts
 Review the voluminous amount of mail received.

Seniors who typically benefit from this level of service are those who are paying bank fees for insufficient funds or late fees and interest charges on their credit card balances. We find that by sorting the mail for scams and solicitations, we protect our clients from unnecessary expenses. The savings realized from eliminating these fees will typically cover our fees and provide a little extra spending money to our client.

Average Price Range: $75-$150 per month

Our enhanced service package is for the senior who needs a little extra assistance because he or she is vulnerable to financial predators or has been scammed in the past. In addition to the services in the previous package, we will also:

 Monitor bank and credit card activity for fraudulent activity
 Report and follow up on fraud
 Develop budgets and manage cash flow
 Assist to consolidate client assets or help with debt consolidation and pay off.

Seniors who typically benefit from this level of service are those who have a variety of income sources and investments and are vulnerable to scams which could deplete those assets. We are finding that financial predators are very devious in convincing or scaring our senior clients into giving them access to their bank and investment accounts. We have successfully protected our clients from this type of exploitation with our enhanced service package.

Average Price Range: $150-$300 per month

Our advocacy service package is crafted for seniors who have mental or physical impairments that require additional health and wellness assistance. We add these geriatric care management services to the services already mentioned, such as:

 Hire and oversee home health and other service providers
 Monitor safety and well-being
 Serve as health care surrogate.

Seniors who typically benefit from this level of service require home health or companion services to assist them with activities of daily living. As you increase the number of service providers entering the home, the exposure to financial exploitation increases. Secure Aging will handle the finances so that the health care providers can focus on their services. We coordinate the most cost-effective resources to support the least restrictive setting.

Average Price Range: $300-$500 per month


We are here to improve the quality of life of older adults.