Visiting Your Aging Loved One

As our loved ones age, simple outings such as going to the movies can mean a great deal to them. When you have the opportunity, make them feel good by doing something extra special.

A nice dinner out on the town could be just the ticket. Have them take time to get all dressed up and make the evening a big event for them. Especially if they live in a senior care facility, it can be nice change of pace to go out into society and see different people. Allowing them to order their own food will make them feel more independent as well.

Getting outside can be beneficial to everyone as it allows your body to receive vitamin D from the sun. Vitamin D helps with resistance against some diseases and normal immune system function among many other benefits. Taking a walk in a local park can be a relaxing way to enjoy the outdoors. There are several nature preserves in the area that offer scenic views for your pleasure. A simple family park could also be beneficial as many seniors enjoy watching children play on the playground. If your senior isn’t quite able to walk a nature park, a stroll in the fresh air, even if your loved one is in a wheelchair, will be appreciated.

Going to the movies is an easier activity that allows them to get lost in a story. Some movie theatres even do special nostalgia movie showings if your loved one appreciates the classics. Make a big deal of the outing and get the popcorn and some candy (diet and health permitting) and enjoy the cinemas.

Having a day in, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun. If your loved one is a gentleman, bring back a classic game like backgammon, cards or billiards and enjoy a game day as you talk. For the lovely lady, a beauty day might be in order. Spend time fixing her hair, painting her nails and enjoying the conversation.

Please note that all of the activities listed above are to be done based on the senior’s health status, abilities and dietary restrictions. Please consult a medical professional if you are unaware of the current health situation.

Secure Aging wants you to enjoy and cherish time with your aging loved one as time goes by. We can help make life easier by tracking monthly income and expenses, as well as fully advocating for our clients’ well-being and safety. We are here to help make your life easier and keep your loved ones safe.

Reba Rogers, CPA, is the founder of Secure Aging, a group of care managers who preserve the independence and protect the assets of seniors by helping them with financial management. She is also a Director Consultant for BNI (Business Network International), a referral marketing organization which gives her access to many trusted business professionals in the community.

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