Nurse care management

Today, the importance of nurse care management services for seniors has never been more evident. As individuals age, a myriad of health-related challenges can arise which require specialized attention and care. People often feel overwhelmed with new diagnoses and roles as caregivers. Secure Aging Nurse Care Managers assist by providing guidance, understanding, and oversite to help families deal with the difficulties which arise as our loved-one ages. We serve as professionally licensed advocates, coordinators, and educators, working toward better quality of life for seniors.

Nurse care management services offer a vital lifeline. We provide the support needed not only to maintain aging seniors’ health, dignity, and independence, but to provide comfort and strength to family members and loved ones who take on the role as caregivers.

Some things we can help with are: As loved ones reach the point where difficult life care decisions become a reality, our Nurse care managers can help mediate, coordinate, and communicate among family members regarding the implications of these important decisions.

  • Home Wellness Checks
  • Facility Quality of Care 
  • Health / Disability Care Advocacy
  • Medication and Disease Management / Education
  • Doctor Appointment Coordination

  • Chronic Illness Education /  Monitoring
  • Medical Record Management
  • Plan of Care Education / Instruction / Oversight
  • Consult about complex issues / challenging topics
  • Help with emotional issues

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