Trust and Estate  Administration

Trust and estate administration services for seniors play a pivotal role in providing peace of mind and financial security during later stages of life. As we age, the need to carefully plan and manage assets, property, and healthcare directives becomes increasingly complex. Designating agents is critical and one of the most important decisions.

Choosing a family member as your agent may become burdensome if the chosen agent is an adult child who is also a busy professional with their own family responsibilities. Most often, our adult children lack the knowledge to perform these roles. This provides added stress to families at a time when crises occur. Having knowledgeable professionals perform the services of the agent or healthcare advocates often allows for familial relationships to remain loving and supportive, as intended, without the stress of making complex decisions.

Our services offer a dependable and expert-driven solution to help seniors navigate the intricate landscape of estate planning, ensuring that their wishes are honored, their loved ones are cared for, and their financial legacies are preserved.

Licensed Secure Aging professionals can serve as agents in the following roles:

Personal Representative / Executor – Named agent in a last will whose role is to perform services for the estate as listed below.

Independent Trustee / Successor Trustee – an Individual appointed in the trust document who acts as a fiduciary. The Trustee must perform services and carry out the wishes listed in the trust document while acting in the best interests of the beneficiaries.

Services included as part of Trust and Estate Administration can be:

  • Identify and Notify Beneficiaries of the trust or estate, as well as and creditors or other interested parties.
  • Inventory and appraise assets of the trust or estate, including real estate, bank accounts, investments, personal property, etc.
  • File tax returns for the trust or estate, as well as for the decedent’s final year of life.
  • Distribute assets to the beneficiaries and the court, showing how the assets were managed and distributed.
  • Close the trust or estate after all the obligations have been fulfilled and all beneficiaries have received their shares.

I have worked with Reba Rogers, Cynthia Palmieri, and Laura Roberts for many years. If you need someone to help you or your senior loved ones I would highly recommend calling Secure Aging. Their knowledge, integrity and loyalty to their clients is peerless

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