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Romance Scams Aren’t Just for Young’uns: They Affect Seniors, Too

With so many people looking for love via online apps, you’ve probably heard about someone who found an attractive person via an app, only to meet in person and realize the picture of that person was from 20 years ago. It’s easy to feel duped in that situation, and it sounds innocent enough (although annoying).…
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Don’t Let Seniors Become Victims of These Common Financial Scams!

One way that criminals try to take advantage of our vulnerable seniors is through financial scams. In fact, seniors are the biggest target for financial scams. Here are several recent examples of financial scams that affect the elderly—and tips on how to not be a target. The Medicare Scam As shared by the website,…
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Crooks Using Obituaries to Scam Widows

An obituary is a way that family members can honor their deceased loved one and provide information to the community about funeral arrangements and contribution requests. Unfortunately, the widow and other family members can fall victim to several scams as a result of information contained in the obituary. Robbery During the Funeral While family and…
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