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First Steps to Take After a Loved One Dies Suddenly

When a close loved one such as a spouse or parent, dies suddenly, it can cause a whirlwind of reactions and emotions. It can be heartbreaking, devastating, confusing, and maddening.  Then, as you’re dealing with grief and all the emotions that come with it, you still have to take on financial responsibilities that you may…
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Two Stories, Two Approaches to Financial Management Help for Seniors

Perhaps you have a family member or other loved one who is losing their ability to reliably pay bills or care for him or herself. You try to broach the idea of using a company like Secure Aging, which can assist with financial management and care management—yet your loved one completely resists the idea. Secure…
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7 Fire Safety Prevention Tips for Seniors

Seniors have a nearly 3-time higher risk of dying in a fire than others do, according to the Federal Emergency Management Agency. For those over age 85, the risk is nearly 4 times higher. Here are some tips to help seniors better protect themselves against the dangers of a fire. Keep any hearing aids, canes,…
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