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My step mother had a surgical procedure done the other day which required an overnight stay and change to her medications.  Since my Dad is no longer driving long distances, I went to spend a few nights with them so that I could take step mother to the hospital, and take Dad back and forth to the hospital to see her after the procedure and pick her up the next morning.
Managing Inflation


It’s hard for just about everyone to cope with skyrocketing inflation and high costs foreverything right now. For older adults living on a fixed income, these price increases can take even more of a hit on their pocketbooks. […]
Most of us live so much of our lives online nowadays, but protecting our digital legacy is a planning task that often gets overlooked.
Imagine that you don’t have the mental capacity to make decisions for yourself. For example, you have a serious illness that doesn’t permit you to manage your affairs, such as medical decision making or making a legal decision. […]