5 Apps to Help Manage Your Chronically Ill Loved One

If you’re a caregiver for someone who is chronically ill from Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s, diabetes, and other related health problems, then you know all too well how hard it can be to keep tabs on that person’s daily care. The good news: There are apps that can make your life a little easier. Read on for details. The apps below are free or low-cost. One additional note: If these specific apps don’t work for your device, you can always look online for similar apps related to medication management, sleep, tasks, diabetes management, etc.

Medisafe: Remembering when to take medications and what interactions are associated with various meds can get confusing even for the most diligent caregiver. The app Medisafe makes medication management easier by helping users set up when to take each medication and how much to take. It also provides information on medication interactions.

Sleep Cycle: Are you worried that your loved one isn’t getting enough quality sleep? With more and more attention nowadays on sleep, an app like Sleep Cycle can help you track your loved one’s sleep duration and quality.

It’s Done! If your loved one has problems with short-term memory, then an app like It’s Done! can come in handy. Users can input things to do so they remember what’s important to get done. The app also has pre-loaded tasks to add to the list, such as “close the garage door,” “take medication,” and “feed the cat/dog.” The app is especially useful for those with short-term memory loss due to dementia or a brain injury. Cost: $2.99.

My Medical Info. How many forms have you had to fill out at a doctor’s office for yourself or a loved one? Remembering all that information can get pretty tedious. Instead of trying to recall all of those details, use My Medical Info to store health information including surgery dates, vaccination info, medications used, and insurance details. The app also lets users store information for more than one person at a time.

OneTouch Reveal. For those living with diabetes, OneTouch Reveals helps to spot blood sugar trends and provide summaries of blood sugar highs and lows that you can share during doctor’s appointments. Users also can set up and track goals and visualize progress over time. Although the device is set up to work with the OneTouch Vario Flex glucometer, keep in mind that other blood sugar monitoring devices may have similar apps you can try.

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