5 Great Hobbies for Older Adults

Is your senior loved one a little bored doing the same things over and over? Perhaps they've fallen in a pandemic slump and want to try something new.

Fortunately, there are lots of hobbies that are great for older adults—and their caregivers might enjoy them, too! So here are five hobbies to consider for your senior loved one and why they are so great.


  1. Learning a new language. Has your loved one always wanted to habla español or parla italiano? Now's the time to do it. First, there have never been more resources available for learning language, from books to apps to websites to live, remote tutors. Whatever learning preference your older adult has, it's available. Second, learning a language helps to keep the brain running strong.
  2. Playing a musical instrument. There are many benefits to learning a musical instrument beyond just the (hopefully) pleasant sounds that are produced. A musical instrument also can improve a person's mood and help maintain coordination. Plus, there have been recent reports in the media of people with Alzheimer's disease (such as Tony Bennett) who still respond to music even if their memory is otherwise lacking. Knowing an instrument can be a real gift.
  3. Book clubs. If you have a senior loved one who likes to read, joining a book club could be just the outlet they need. They can read interesting books and connect with others while sharing their books' viewpoints. If in-person meetings are difficult for any reason, your loved one could do a book club meeting virtually.
  4. Dancing. Even if your senior loved one has never shown you the twist or the jitterbug, there still may be a hidden dancer inside them. Dancing gets the body moving, burns calories, and can improve balance. Ballroom dancing is often recommended as a potential hobby for seniors, but that's not the only available choice. Your senior loved one can pick from many types of dancing so long as it's safe for whatever health conditions they may have. If in-person dance classes aren't an option, search YouTube for beginners' lessons to watch and try.
  5. Calligraphy. With most people relying on technology nowadays to write messages, notes written in calligraphy feel special. You can easily get the older adult in your life a calligraphy set or download free worksheets online to give them some initial practice. This gives them the chance to see if they might enjoy this hobby.


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