Ahhh, the beauty of spring. In Southwest Florida, that means we enjoy the blooms of flowers, the sounds of birds, and more greenery on the trees. Temperatures may get warm, but they’re not the humid mess we get in the summer. In fact, some days are still downright pleasant.

Getting some fresh air is good for all of us, including any older adults in your care. Here are some benefits of outdoors time:

  • It will help lower your cortisol levels. Cortisol is a stress hormone.
  • You’ll lower your blood pressure.
  • You get some vitamin D, which is important for all of us but maybe something that your older adult loved one does not get enough of.
  • You can improve your concentration and mental clarity.

Why not plan some outdoors outings for the older adult in your life? Here are just a few ideas to get them enjoying the outdoors this spring:

  1. Take them for a walk around the grounds where they live. If they live in a private home (their own or yours), you can take a short walk around the neighborhood.
  2. Visit a local botanical garden. In Sarasota, this could be the beautiful Marie Selby Botanical Gardens.
  3. Pick a popular, well-paved local trail. Robinson Preserve in Bradenton has a multitude of trails from which to choose, and Bayfront Park in Sarasota (not far from Selby Gardens) is another option.
  4. Find trails near the beach, or visit the beach for a beach walk if your older adult is up for that. Otherwise, beaches like Bradenton Beach and Coquina Beach provide a paved walking trail that connects the two beaches. You can see dunes, sand, and the waters of the Gulf along the walk. Catch it at the right time, and there are amazing sunset views.
  5. Visit a local farmers’ market, such as the Bradenton Public Market or the Sarasota Farmers Market, both on Saturdays.
  6. Take a walk on the grounds of The RinglingThis affords some beautiful views along Sarasota Bay, and walking without visiting the museums is only $5 per person.

Here are a few tips to ensure a smooth outdoors outing with your loved one:

  • Keep their mobility limits in mind. Even if it’s only a short walk, that still provides some benefits for them.
  • Bring sunscreen and a hat (for you and them).
  • Try to get out before 10 am to limit sun exposure. The sun’s strongest rays are from 10 am to 2 pm.
  • If you’re going somewhere new, do some research online or by asking friends and family about the quality of walking areas where you plan to go. You’ll want to make sure you have paved walking areas that lower the chance of falls.

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