The families of our clients express gratitude for the caring, professional services we provide in the home. Our personal visits help everyone feel more comfortable.

Helping people at this stage of life is truly a calling and in these times with all the complicated forms and systems for healthcare and insurance, the average person is not prepared at all to understand or cope. For us the help of  Secure Aging was invaluable, and I recommend them to anyone who needs help.

Daughter living in Florida,

"There really is no way to thank you for all you have done for us over these years. Just know you are loved by us and that we will always be your friend. You were so good to our aunt and she loved you too. How you can do such a difficult job is impossible for me to understand. I am so glad you do and that you were always there for me and my questions. I wish you a life of happiness and love."

Niece living in Idaho,

"Cynthia and the Secure Aging staff have allowed me to be a granddaughter again. My grandma not only has her personal business taken care of, but she also has a constant friend that truly cares for her. That kind of care is priceless."

Granddaughter living in Bradenton,

"To have you as our advocate gave our parents and all of the siblings a sense of security. The information that you provided to us weekly was beneficial, expeditious, and concise and helped greatly in our decision making during his stay. Thank you for your efforts and we would highly recommend you and Secure Aging to any client."


Daughter living in Idaho,