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Online and Mail Scams Related to Economic Downturn Continue to Target Seniors

“Pay Advance: Stimulus Improvement.” “Deposit Notice.” “Pay Advance.” “Emergency Funds, COV19 Update.” Are emails with these subject lines filling up your inbox, or the inboxes of seniors in your life? Unfortunately, scammers are using this difficult time to take advantage of people, especially vulnerable seniors. Seniors already are bilked each year out of about $36.5…
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What Does a Geriatric Nursing Care Manager Do?

A geriatric nursing care manager helps bridge the gap so a client better understands what a health professional wants them to do. At Secure Aging, Jana Hameed, RN, is a geriatric nursing care manager and co-owner of Secure Aging. She brings her diverse background in home health and hospital settings to Secure Aging. One important…
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Watch Out for These Coronavirus, Stimulus Package Scams

As devastating as the coronavirus has been around the globe, it’s incredible that there are still scammers out there taking advantage of vulnerable people. Here are just a few examples of the scams out there right now related to COVID-19 and the related stimulus package from Congress—and how you can protect yourself. 1. “Click here…
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