6 Tips to Help a Loved One Get Adjusted to Assisted Living

Moving is hard on anyone, right? Imagine that you are older and experiencing memory loss. You’ve been in a comfortable place, be it at a senior independent living facility or in your home, and then you are moved to assisted living. That would be a major change for even the most resilient among us. If your loved one is in this situation, there are some things you can do to help them better adjust to living at an assisted living facility. Here are a few suggestions. 

  1. Work with a trusted moving company. You may have movers who your family has used in the past and who you can trust will make the moving process run smoothly. If not, consider working with a senior move manager who is specially trained to help seniors with moves, be it a new house, independent living at a retirement home, or assisted living. You can find senior move managers at the National Association of Senior Move Managers
  1. Find out if you or another loved one can stay overnight the first night. This can help provide some comfort to your senior as he or she gets used to the new surroundings of assisted living. It also can give you a better idea of the ins and outs of the new routine.
  1. Add special touches to the room. Help pick out some personalized touches for the room so it doesn’t seem generic, be it photos, special pillows, or other mementos. This will make it feel more like home more quickly.
  1. Spark some social time. Encouraging your loved one to be social is a major way to get him or her comfortable more quickly in their new assisted living facility. If possible, see if you all can get to know some of the residents ahead of time, so your loved ones feel welcome right away.
  1. Listen. Although it’s always important to listen to your loved one’s concerns, it’s especially crucial during those first few weeks at a new assisted living place. Ask about the daily routine and what’s good or bad about it. See if you can address any concerns quickly to make the transition shorter and smoother. 
  1. Find a balance between helpfulness and hovering. Although you naturally want to help your loved one adjust quickly to a new assisted living facility, resist the urge to hover or provide an overabundance of hand-holding. Give your loved one time and let him or her find their new space—physically and emotionally—at the new home.


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