6 Tips to Help Senior Family Members With a Move

If you’re wondering about the best way to help a senior family member—be it a mom, dad, grandparent—or other relative with a move, keep these tips in mind.


  1. Think of moving as a process—not just a one-day event. The move isn’t just about the day or so of physically moving out of one home and into another. There’s lots of planning and anticipation involved, decluttering, and then setting up at the new home. Help your loved one see that big picture, and encourage him or her to plan ahead (you should help with that process as much as possible).


  1. Consider hiring a senior move manager. Unless you are a Marie Kondo protégé, then going through the many things you or your loved one has to sort through can be tough. That’s where a senior move manager could help. Senior move managers are trained at guiding seniors through move preparation, and they have the needed patience and tact for it. Secure Aging recommends An Angel for Sonny as a reliable senior move manager in the Bradenton/Sarasota area.


  1. Plan for the new space in advance. To help your senior loved one adjust to change, take some time to visit the new home (or get layout plans) to start to work together and plan where furniture and other items will go. If your loved one is facing any cognitive issues, place items in a similar layout as they were at the old home.


  1. Assign clear tasks. Let your senior loved one be part of the move process as much as feasible. Let him or her see the new home, and assign a few move-related tasks that you feel confident he or she can handle independently. Work with a checklist so what’s completed and what remains to be done is clear to everyone.


  1. Be patient. The moving process can be taxing for your senior loved one and for you. Keep in mind how hard it is for your loved one to let go of where he or she has been living, perhaps for many years. Take a deep breath, and be kind and patient.


  1. If your loved one isn’t moving yet….start to prepare now. Meaning, if no move is in the near future for your senior family member, then it’s actually an ideal time to work with him or her to declutter and make life a little simpler, without feeling the pressure of an impending move. If your family member can handle this kind of preparation independently, great! If not, think of downsizing and decluttering as a long-term investment that will help you and your family member in the long run.


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