7 Tips to Help Select a Geriatric Care Manager

A care manager is a person who can help find the right doctors, health care facilities, and other support and management for an older loved one in your life. Although much of what they do focuses on health, geriatric care managers also may assist with financial, housing, crisis management, family support, and legal issues, according to the Aging Life Care Association. This person also may have the title aging life professional.


  1. Choose someone with a background in gerontology, nursing, physical therapy or social work.


  1. Make sure that your care manager doesn’t receive commissions for referrals to specific doctors or senior care residences.


  1. Ask for references. It’s potentially easy for someone to say they are a care manager, so you’ll want to pinpoint a person with proven experience and satisfied clients.


  1. Ask if that person is a member of the Aging Life Care Association. This nonprofit group requires members to follow a code of ethics.


  1. Use a checklist. AssistGuide Information Services has published a checklist that prompts users to ask specific questions and to note the care manager’s answers. You also can find a list of questions for care managers at the following site from the Aging Life Care Association.


  1. Inquire about fees. Find out if fees vary based on distance, emergencies, or other factors.


  1. Don’t forget home care. Ask if the care manager works with any particular home care service. Your loved one may be in need of home care at some point, so it can be helpful to know in advance if the care manager regular refers to a specific agency or not.


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