Here’s Technology That Can Improve Everyday Life for Older Adults

Technology—some days, it makes your life easier. Other days, it seems to create more problems than it’s worth. That said, there are some types of technology that can help the lives of older adults in your life. Here are a few devices you could consider for older loved ones that should simplify some parts of their life.

1. Video doorbells. Video doorbells are all the rage to help us know who’s at the door and to monitor when we get packages. Imagine how helpful that is for older adults who may have mobility issues or who are on the go. With just a phone notification, they can find out what’s going on outside their home. This can be helpful even if they’re at home but can’t make it to the door quickly. 

2. Pulse oximeters. Ever since the COVID-19 pandemic began, some doctors have recommended that people with chronic diseases should such as a heart condition have a pulse oximeter to help measure their blood oxygen level and heart rate. That’s because the blood oxygen level could help tip off early whether or not someone has coronavirus. Pulse oximeters typically cost $25 to $50 online. Here’s an article from Yale Medicine with more information about pulse oximeters and COVID-19.

3. A GrandPad. While a traditional electronic tablet also can help older adults, a GrandPad is tailor-made for someone who doesn’t want or need the extra frills tablets typically have. A GrandPad helps user to make calls, take pictures, and send emails, so they feel more connected with others. It also has customized music and popular games.

4. A wearable fitness monitor. Devices like FitBit have a multitude of functions. They can help users track their activity, sleep and heart rate. They also can potentially display messages from a phone if synced up correctly. A wearable fitness monitor could help you monitor that your senior loved one is getting the physical activity they should be getting and sleeping adequately. 

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